We offer a variety of aerial dance, conditioning and traditional dance classes year round and frequently host specialty workshops with guest artists. New adult & teen students should sign up for Intro to Aerial or Cirque Fitness to build the strength and familiarity required for the next level of technique. Kids should sign-up for the age-appropriate Circus Kids class.  We encourage all students to take advantage of flexibility, handstands, conditioning and dance classes. 


Also known as aerial fabric, aerial silks are a type of vertical apparatus similar to the rope, corde-de-lis or Spanish Web. 


Lyra consists of a steel or aluminum bar welded to form a circle. It is considered a horizontal apparatus, like the trapeze. Lyra is most often used as a spinning apparatus. 




Trapeze is one of the most classic aerial arts, and comes in a variety of formats: flying, static, dance, swinging and more. At GCC, you'll find Flying Trapeze at our satellite school in Williston, and dance and static trapeze at our Gainesville studio. 

Cirque Fitness

This open level class focuses on core strength, technique and flexibility required to practice aerial arts. Both floor and aerial drills are worked through class. 


Hand balancing an art form and an excellent cross-training element for aerialists. Aerial arts require a significant amount of hanging, while handstands require the opposite motion of pressing. Combining handstand practice with aerial training helps to balance the neck and shoulder muscles. 


Circus Kids

From juggling, to silks, to trapeze, students work on a variety of circus skills throughout class! New students practice basic concepts of balance and fine motor coordination on the ground and in the air, preparing them for more advanced skills as they grow!

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